The Silent Protagonist (tcdohl) wrote in avalon_readers,
The Silent Protagonist

State of the Community

Effective today... or yesterday, I guess it's yesterday now... effective whichever, avalon_readers is going to start experiencing changes and improvements with the intention of making it suitable for comic discussion (and that includes getting the word out that this community exists). For starters, i've become a moderator, though staedtler ultimately has final say in how this community is run - I just get to play with all the options and he's the one who draws the comic, so it's a very fair deal.

There'll be more coming, but here's what we've changed so far:

- Updated the community LJ icon with Avalon's current "blue leaf" logo
- Changed the comment tags
- Adjusted the journal's colour codes slightly to make text easier to read
- Changed the IRC mention in the user info to (warning: the Nightstar channel no longer has any affiliation with Avalon, and they bite strangers)
- Deleted old entries not pertaining to the comic or associated interests
- Added over fifty interests and comic references to the user info

Future plans include a rewriting of the bio, a suitable facelift of the layout, and whatever else sounds good, probably including a set of rules similar to what's in the forum right now (on-topic discussion only, etc) if Josh thinks it's necessary.

This community was started largely to be a playroom for a select few people, but I think it now has real potential to become a thriving center of discussion about Avalon, much like when the forum was down halfway through last year. I've noticed that many people are members but not watching the journal, or watching the journal and not members - do both, post and talk about the comic, and tell as many people as you can about Avalon and this community! There's only four months in comic-time until the end, and that's not much time to speculate on what'll happen - get others involved in the comic before then, and if you or someone you know stopped reading for a while, stick around and see if you can't get back into it. I really think it'll be worth the effort.

If you have any suggestions concerning the community, post them here or in any future entries where I announce changes. Heck, just post here if you're reading at all, so we know you're alive.
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