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We've been expecting you

True to his notice (not a promise - a notice), Josh has updated Avalon. This is a general notice to the stragglers, infrequent readers, genuinely unaware and those people who've taken the comic off their bookmarks and bragged about it to prove some point or another: that for the moment, the comic is updating, and it's kicking ass with our without you - so why not get back on that train while you have the chance?

Seriously, there's an update, and a better-than-normal-given-the-circumstances chance of daily updates for the next while... I implore those reading this to check it out and keep doing so, and as usual, inform friends and any other fans who don't use LJ to come back. Read the comic, post in the forum, browse the Lynch Vault and fanart sections again - you won't regret it. And if the comic does go through another prolonged no-update period, feel free to come back to this post and laugh in my face, it's all good - if so, i'll just post again the next time updates start so you won't be left out. Avalon's chronological ending isn't that far off, after all, and whatever your feelings on the comic's schedule, I don't think any fan would want to miss that.

In closing, i'm very happy the Iain-Alison pairing has been officially shot to hell by today's update. Officially. Thank you.
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