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on Wednesday 25 August 2004, Josh wrote:

It is, unfortunately, time for me to bring Avalon to a close. It has been on indefinite hiatus for a very long time, during which I had hoped to try some other webcomic projects. But, basically, my life has changed since six years ago, and what used to be the greatest thing in the world is now a burden . . . . I have kept the remaining story a total secret as a motivator, such that I'd have to eventually draw it all if I ever wanted the conclusion to happen. But that obviously hasn't worked. Therefore, I've written up the conclusion, which you will find by clicking here . . . .

Something made me hit the "Avalon" link in my webcomics a few hours ago, and came upon the above-quoted information. Entertainment in any medium has its ups and downs, most especially in the visual medium a good portion of folks still use quite regularly in spite of the interweb - television. Shows get cancelled - usually without warning, and the fans are left wondering whatever was *supposed* to happen to the characters and their lives. That leaves a big void that gets filled with some good and more often inane and very-frequently conflictual fanfic. Infrequently (though more often now) a show gets cancelled with enough warning to the writing team and cast that a proper closing (my old favourite MASH, and the never watched "Friends") is orchestrated. this lets the people whose imaginations were in charge of the universe dictate what the situations were to be. Though it might not be the "series finale" that Josh foresaw when Ceilidh, Joe, Phoebe, and company came to him in the first place at least we *have* a finale which is more than many writers get for their characters.

for time it comes
and time it goes
it makes the strongest tree to bend
kings and queens have no defense
time brings all things to an end ... 

Great Big Sea, 1993

Here's to you, Josh and whatever your next endeavours might be ...

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Josh and Cynthia Phillips
August 9, 2003

If you feel it necessary, leave your wishes and regards here. Josh will see them upon returning from his honeymoon. More pictures will possibly be following in the future.
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[2003-07-14] "Soap"

Gotta love those one-shot comics

Tee hee! Josh doing fanservice! ;)

So Phoebe consoles Ceilidh by subjecting her to trash TV. Might help, that. Though it seems to be an eye opener for Ceilidh... And I assume the 'Mericuns know now what Phoebe was watching.

Waitamminit! Josh has shaded this comic, right? Didn't Ceilidh wear dark panty hose when she arrived at Phoebe's?

OK, picking my mind out of the gutter now.
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.1 Here, Josh depicts Hildegarde's gaunt facial features particularly well. She's clearly a woman who has been under a lot of stress.

.2 This is what I wanted to hear: Hildegarde explaining her change of mind.

.3 We see here that Hildegarde is mad at Alison not for bringing James back, but for being surprised that Hildegarde might prefer life without a man around. Alison shouldn't be surprised that Hildegarde can look after herself, after all the lady is a former military officer, or at least a double graduate of RMC.

That's all for now, I have a car rally to go to.
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