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.1 Here, Josh depicts Hildegarde's gaunt facial features particularly well. She's clearly a woman who has been under a lot of stress.

.2 This is what I wanted to hear: Hildegarde explaining her change of mind.

.3 We see here that Hildegarde is mad at Alison not for bringing James back, but for being surprised that Hildegarde might prefer life without a man around. Alison shouldn't be surprised that Hildegarde can look after herself, after all the lady is a former military officer, or at least a double graduate of RMC.

That's all for now, I have a car rally to go to.
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.2 I was starting to get worried by the amount of speculation over what Alison "doesn't understand" about Gar's situation. Maybe it'll all become more clear by next week, but it's a lot more simple than some people were speculating.

(Of course, I say that now, but who knows how it'll be a month down the road)

.3 Alison has become so used to being right, she's not quite prepared for this situation.

And of course, I forget what I wrote in my own comic just last night...

By "doesn't understand," I'm referring to Gar's statement that it's more complicated than Alison thinks.
I'm starting to think that Hildegarde and Alison are more alike than they realise.
Ah, nothing to do with Phil Bradley then.
Hey, whatsit with Josh ans spoilers these days?

While I can perfectly understand Gar's train of thought (or should I say emotion?) I must say it is a dumb thing to do. Being independent is fine and dandy, but forgoing what's rightfully yours in times of financial hardship is folly.

I sort of feel that Alison would think the same thing, now that she has brought the prize to Gar's doorstep. I'd say that's a thing to get angry about (especially after being accused of being smacking matter).

But then, as I stated earlier (in a place that's gone), maybe the author needs Joe not so well off for dramatic purposes...